July 23, 2009

  • Venus Enroute

    Venus Enroute uploaded by Brenda Clews to YouTube.

    The poetry is an excerpt from my “Botticelli Suite of Venus Poems“:

    She stopped to rest. Momentarily, in the field of pure possibility, her position unfixed, indeterminate.

    Without hovering, or insecurity.

    It was an image of being in the vast field of life.

    Without knowing. In a position of unknowing, positionless, I suppose. Existing without location or momentum. Vibrating with possibility. It wasn’t exciting or fearful, just what is.

    Nothing is fixed or certain, though there are always solutions to problems.

    Then she continued on.

    She didn’t doubt her certainties.

    The music clip is from Lena Selyanina’s ‘Sarah’s Dance,’ from her album, “Piano Poetry,” which carries a Creative Commons license and may be found here: http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/45056.

    The chair sequence and the poem added to it had no original connection. I cut the clip from two hours of footage as perhaps ‘workable.’ Then I searched for a poem. It’s amazing how the poem ‘fits’ the movement, huh? Creatively perhaps we are a gesture, a gesture where here poetry and dance are an aligned fusion.

    Albeit, the resulting video is a bit comic.

    The tag on the back of my dress? As soon as I saw the footage I grabbed the dress and cut it off. The other camera? Ahh, I’m still just learning how to make videos and don’t have a clone plugin to remove these elements. Enjoy the humor!

    (Or perhaps, in context of the poem, since Venus has swung her scallop shell around to enter the world of experience, we could say the tag on her dress reads: ‘If this Vintage Venus is found wandering, send her back to “Mount Olympus”!)

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  • I just read your comment to me here.  Nice to know there are others and that one of them is you.  Years ago I tried your method and it did not work for me because I believe at that time I thought it far-fetched.

    Thank you so much for your generous, eloquent (“…portal…” comment on my post.   

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