March 2, 2012

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  • Hi Brenda…I love your phrasing and pacing.  They are not always in sync and that makes the work more enticing to me.  Sometimes the words suggest urgency and impatience yet the physical movement is measured and controlled then – a few chaotic moves throw everything into imbalance.  The spiral dance resumes and turns in upon itself.  Though you are very original I am reminded of Laurie Anderson when I watch some of your creations.  Maybe it’s because you do not respect boundaries in your verse or your scenes.

    I was also strangely drawn in when I saw your opening title script.  You used the word triptych…not a word in common usage.  I associate the word with the 3 panels of the Garden of Earthly Delights painted by Bosch, though the word can appropriately be used to describe a trinity of infinite variety.  Last year, on a business trip to Spain, I made a special side trip to a museum in Madrid just to stand before the GED.  Something deep down suggests to me that there is a hidden message in the GED that varies by viewer but exists to some degree to anyone who chooses to study it carefully.  It left me with the understanding that death is nothing to fear, at least not the state of being dead since once deceased, we will have no knowledge of it.

    Great piece…thanks.

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