July 13, 2010

  • Ravishing Light: A Solar Videopoem

    watch the YouTube video embedded here… you can also download

    from the Internet Archives, click this link: Ravishing Light, a Solar Videopoem


    After watching many hours of NASA’s amazing SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) footage of the sun at the Internet Archives, I downloaded some short videos and from them distilled the clips you see in this video. I am delighted to find this footage and to create a solar videopoem.


    A vision of such power that what went before falls away in a rapturous death. A rapturous death of the ego. An unerasable enlightenment. That Rubicon. I was inspired to write this piece after seeing the movie, ‘Sunshine,’ which also uses footage from NASA’s SOHO Observatory:

    on that day explosion of ravishing light infiltrated all crevices of the abode no shadow only a few seconds but transformed everyone’s consciousnesses neuronal synapses exploding in rapturous light retinal cells lighting up firing laser stunning flashing images into the brain marked by the event the way a flood line is gauged by how far inland the water traveled all those who witnessed the event scattering of the light bore the mark like a rare sedimentary flare layer in the archeology of the mind or a moment when everything saturated overflow of light expanded beyond outer limits of comprehension remained engraved luminosity in the cells at any moment to spill forth when memory activated the sequence of that day when the sun cosmic storm blazed without heat only light brilliant


    prose poem written in July 2007 (also available at the Internet Archives as a separate recording); videopoem created April 2010.


    These are the videos I finally chose and downloaded. I used clips from some of them for my short videopoem:


    wave- archive.org/details/CIL-10079

    SOHO_TRACE_Intro_YouTube- archive.org/details/GMM-10421

    recon- archive.org/details/SPD-SOHO-STRIPreconSTRIP

    quiet20010310ntscarchive- archive.org/details/SVS-2766?start=4.5

    EITflameszm- archive.org/details/SPD-SOHO-STRIPEITflameszmSTRIP

    304blow- archive.org/details/SPD-SOHO-STRIP304blowSTRIP


    EITbulb- archive.org/details/SPD-SOHO-STRIPEITbulbSTRIP

    flarezoom640x480- archive.org/details/SVS-2496

    helio_fleet_v1.1- archive.org/details/SVS-3570




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  •  I see that it has been a while since you have posted, and that you are not receiving any messages, however, I had to drop by to visit.  You are as creative as ever.  Your photo is beautiful and I love the video/recording.  I am still living here in Kansas where I have decided to buy a home so that I can continue to care for my mother as she fights to win her battle with cancer. We close on the hose Dec 24th which will allow me to put down some roots, find my rhythm and do those things that nurture my sould such as keep in touch with my friends here in Blogville. I hope that all is well with you as we move through the end of the year and holiday season.  May you be blessed with love and joy and  the creative fire my dear friend.



  • @Ashes_2_Ashes_Words_2_Words - Liz! I am so glad you’ve come back! Although I’m hardly ever at Xanga, I still get emails, so please, anytime you feel like it, drop by. I’m glad you and your Mom are buying a house… and sad to hear how she is struggling still with her health. I light candles for her, send healing energies…

    Love your new art site!!!! Beautiful!

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