December 9, 2010

  • How to create a custom YouTube video player for your blog or website

    selection of my videopoems. As a painter and poet, I, like many, are drawn to the video medium, where I experiment with delighted abandon.

    After a fruitless hour of searching for and trying out widgets, and then discovering YouTube itself offers the ability to create a custom video player for your website -though you won’t find this handy feature in any of the drop down menus at your YouTube site- I created this one for my website!

    This is how you create one of these neat players:

    1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

    2. Paste into the browser.

    3. Create your embeddable player. Note: you can create a ‘playlist’ selection of your videos for use in this custom player, or use any of your other playlists, or simply include everything you’ve uploaded. 

    To create a custom playlist, I backtracked. I clicked on the videos I wished to show in my player one at a time and added them to a new playlist that I called “My Videopoetry.” Then I returned to the custom player page and made that playlist my choice for what videos to show in the player.

    4. YouTube will create the html you can embed in your blog or at your site. Copy and paste.

    5. Later, when you want to find that page again paste into your browser.

    Currently using these urls is the only way to access this neat feature of YouTube – so be sure to favourite them for easy access in the future.

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  • Ah, a name from the past.  Hugs dear.  Hope you are well. Still enjoying your art work in our guest bedroom.  

  • Forgot to recommend you.  Fantastic post dear.

  • @vexations - Sweet Vex… it’s been too long! I’ve had a stressful year of unemployment/low employment and have kind of hidden away mostly. I really enjoyed your beautiful book of poetry and love how it’s a collection and send many thanks for the gift. Hope you’re well! Thinking of you & Yvonne… hugs, Brenda

  • @vexations - Delighted, of course! I dropped by Xanga and was happy to see you’re posting, along with so many folks that I remember from when I used to hang out here. Friends once, friends always in my book. Hugs!

  • @vexations - The mini player is perfect! And currently almost impossible to find how to do on YouTube. Glad to share this little wonder!

  • Hi Brenda…

    You asked if you would recognize me if we passed at Niagara Falls.

    I have some pics on my page(s) to help you.


    (Boudoaursreaction on YouTube)

  • @Slag_Runner - I’d recognize you if you were a picture -yes! Especially if you were walking along River Road (on the Canadian side, where I was) *in* a Xanga photograph. Otherwise, I might not.

    It’s context, and things like height, size, whether one’s face is wrapped in a scarf under a hat, and pheromones.
    Oh, and expecting to see someone.
    I was wrapped pretty tight in leather head to foot (lady mist hydrates, and hydrates, and leather keeps one dry) an umbrella and a video camera.
    Now if I had seen you in the viewfinder of the camera under the umbrella in the mist I’d have recognized you! Especially if there was an icon with blue, orange, red, yellow and green dots.

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