May 18, 2009

  • Dance of the Solar Wind (2:28min)

    A recording of a prosepoem. While I made the recording in 2007, I never
    posted it. This morning I played with it in Garageband, adding loops
    (actually, this is the first time I have ever done this – a new
    direction perhaps). Surprisingly, I like it. Not sure about the image,
    oh, not the sun, the sun is beautiful in its golden fields of fire,
    but, hey, I don’t have a whole lot of images of myself.

    Read the text here.


     DSL or Cable


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  • First!

    Blessed am I to be recovered from that surgery, and blessed am I to still have you in my life.  It’s thundering outside and I might have to shut the ‘puter off before listening to your recording, but I definitely will come back for a listen, when the threat of a power failure is gone.

    I worked three days this week, will be back to full-time starting Monday. 

    So how is you doing, Brenda?  And is there somewhere else you’re posting more regularly?  (Going now to check my messages, in case you’ve already answered that question without my realizing it!   Then I gots to turn the ‘puter off.)

  • Reminds me (in a great way, of course) of the lyrics of Paul Simon.

    Simply beautiful.  And, obviously, it finally stopped raining in this little corner of Florida.  For a few hours, anyway.

    Until the solar winds kick up again, no doubt.

    And as you probably know already, I found out you’re still at blogspot.

  • @twoberry - 

    I am so very, very glad you are recovering, Bob! Thanks for dropping by… no, I’m not ‘here’ at Xanga at all these days. But I still get a tiny sub emailed to me daily so I’ve kept up with you. Glad you’re on-the-mend, as they say! xoxo

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